How many minutes are there in a year? Do not tire yourself to count, we tell you: 525.600.
Promozionale Italiana distributes in Italy and in Europe about 60 million Gadgets, more or less 115 per minute.
A gadget, that is, a smile, or rather two: one for those who receive and one for those who give.
Every minute 230 people are smiling and we are happy.
Because our work is this: make others happy by distributing smiles.

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Who we are

Promozionale Italiana was born in 1974 starting its journey in the Advertising Through Gadgets sector. It is every day in the service of all those who want to make themselves known by promoting their image through customizable products. A solid business strategy and a highly specialized team enable a range of products that combine the price to the value in use, designed to meet various advertising needs. The Group is composed of approximately 60 employees serving 8.000 customers distributed throughout the national territory. Today it is considered one of the leading European companies in the promotional sector and is leader of the Italian market.

Our work? Distribute Smiles

A gadget is more than just a gift, it is a distinctive sign, an element to recognize and acknowledge. Promozionale Italiana through every single gadget builds a bridge between people, provides a tool to meet an innate human need: encounter with himself. Every year we distribute 45 million gadgets.


Being certified does not mean having reached a stable and definitive goal but demonstrate respect every day, in every business process, a precise organizational code that respects the individual skills and abilities. A dedicated team works so that they can be optimized to the best management protocols and everyone can feel a key element of the organization.

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The right choice of suppliers

Our Italian and foreign suppliers sign an agreement which commits them to respect our code of ethics in defense of workers and the environment. The selection of production partners is subject to the availability of the same to adhere to our code of ethics. The sharing of operational schemes is the basis of partnership.

Just like in a large mosaic

Every great work is the consequence of the work of each and everyone's contribution is essential to the achievement of ambitious goals. Each of us has a natural talent, is "gifted" for a well-defined task. As in a large mosaic each small tile makes its small part and without it, the "whole" is not the same thing.

A smile for a Brick

"An ambitious project for a wonderful cause"

The context

Kenya is a presidential republic since 1963, the year of independence from the United Kingdom, and has had a largely peaceful and stable history, unlike many neighboring countries. Nevertheless, it is estimated that 48% of the population still lives below the poverty line of $1 a day. The government since 1999 has launched a project on poverty reduction, the National Poverty Eradication Plan for the 1999-2015 period. The highest unemployment rate, 40% of the workforce (Kenya is the twelfth country with the highest unemployment in the world), exacerbates the existing social problems in the country. Very often, because of extreme poverty, young people are abandoned by their families and go to increase the number of street children without any chance to go to school and receive an adequate education.

Official Statistics

In this sense, education and access to education for all it is one of the main goals of the Strategic Plan 2006-2011 of the Government. The most important action in this direction was the education reform, introduced in 2003, which established primary education compulsory and free for all. The challenge now is to be able to give the opportunity to all children who complete the primary cycle to enroll in the secondary. The Thika District, where is located the Otunga Secondary School, has a population of over 320,000 students. Only 60% of students who concluded the primary cycle (eight years) is able to enroll in the secondary school. Many students do not attend secondary school or drop out before finishing the entire cycle (four years), mainly for the inability of parents to pay school fees. In addition, the limited number of secondary institutions, insufficient to accommodate an increasing number of students thanks to the 2003 reform can finish the primary school and wish to continue their studies: in Thika District, compared to 342 primary schools, there are only 98 secondary schools between state and private.

A smile for a Brick

From education depends the future. This is why in 2010 we decided to support the Cardinal Otunga School from the first brick. Initiated in 2005 with 25 students and 4 teachers using some local in rent, in 2008, with the help of AVSI, the school was able to build its own facility in Kahawa Sukari, suburb north of Nairobi, which welcomes students for the four years provided for the entire secondary school cycle. Currently the school has 120 students followed by 13 teachers.

The works

A Place of Life and Culture

Year 2012

Equipment for the chemistry lab, biology and physics were purchased. The library has been equipped with 1.000 new textbooks and it has been purchased furniture for two new classes. They were also awarded to 30 deserving students, scholarships for the continuation of their studies. During the school year, they were held updating courses for teachers of Cardinal Otunga and of other state and private institutions. Furthermore the construction of the school has started and it will house multi-purpose halls, kitchen and bathroom. It was started the construction of the school including multi-purpose hall of 300 square meters which is used mainly as a canteen for 120 pupils of Cardinal Otunga school and for the more than 200 children of school Urafiki Carovana and spaces dedicated to services and kitchen of 100 square meters.

Year 2013

It was completed the construction of the described school, which was opened in September 2013. In addition to the canteen this establishment wants to be a place of life and culture, because in this establishment children and young people can make music and art workshops, dances of the Kenyan tradition (such as those made during the opening ceremony).

The hall will also be a cultural center: Although it has just been inaugurated, has already set out a program for the coming months, starting from October with two lectures on literature in English and Kiswahili, with the participation of Angelina Mdari author of short stories in Kiswahili, where there will participate more than 400 secondary school students of the school district Ruiru. In November, it will host two training courses for teachers and for secondary school principals. Until February 2014, when it will be the photographic exhibition "The Milky Way: history, art and science." The building is now entrusted to the two local partners CoWA and Cardinal Otunga Charitable which guarantee the continuation and enrichment of these activities.

A Big Challenge

The severe shortage of educational and cultural depends on several factors as follows:
1. Few teachers compared to the number of pupils, it is estimated that there is one teacher for every 35-40 pupils.
2. Shortage of textbooks and teaching materials. Many texts are outdated and are not updated, sometimes lack basic materials such as books and notebooks.
3. Poor quality of education. : Teachers do not follow any of the skills upgrading program nor the teaching evaluation of work.
4. Lack of facilities: There are very few educational facilities in the country that offer adequate education.

The School Performance of Cardinal Otunga School

March 2010, the Ministry of Education has published the results of examinations of secondary schools, Joakim Koech, principal of the secondary school Cardinal Maurice Otunga and teachers, have rejoiced and cheered. In fact, the average marks obtained by students in exams was 7:30! It is expected that the average grade obtained by students grow further to stabilize at 75% This important result has confirmed the quality of the work that teachers are doing in school since its inception. Avsi also aims to achieve by 2015 twice as many pupils with a staff number of about 30 units.


The proposal for 2016, which meets the need to make the management of sustainable school, even for enlargement in virtue of the number of students following enlargement of the structure (120 to 240) covers the purchase of a bus for taking students to school. The total acquisition cost is 50.000€.


for more information please visit www.avsi.org

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Promozionale Italiana was born in 1974 starting its journey in the Advertising Through Gadgets sector. It is every day in the service of all those who want to make themselves known by promoting their image through customizable products. The Group is composed of approximately 60 employees serving 8.000 customers distributed throughout the national territory. Today it is considered one of the leading European companies in the promotional sector and is leader of the Italian market.

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