Over 15.000 square meters of warehouse containing 82 million customizable items with constant availability of each product.


Delivery in 24 hours, online order in 3 clicks, research of materials and cutting-edge design suitable for every need.


Customer Angels dedicated to each customer during the registration, sale and assistance process.

A gadget, that is, a smile, or rather two

One for those who receive and one for those who give.
Promozionale Italiana distributes in Italy and in Europe about 60 million Gadgets, more or less 115 per minute.
Every minute 230 people are smiling and we are happy.
Because our work is this: make others happy by distributing smiles.


Who we are

Promozionale Italiana was born in 1979 starting its journey in the Advertising Through Gadgets sector. It is every day in the service of all those who want to make themselves known by promoting their image through customizable products. A solid business strategy and a highly specialized team enable a range of products that combine the price to the value in use, designed to meet various advertising needs. The Group is composed of approximately 60 employees serving 8.000 customers distributed throughout the national territory. Today it is considered one of the leading European companies in the promotional sector and is leader of the Italian market.

Our work? Distribute Smiles

A gadget is more than just a gift, it is a distinctive sign, an element to recognize and acknowledge. Promozionale Italiana through every single gadget builds a bridge between people, provides a tool to meet an innate human need: encounter with himself. Every year we distribute 60 million gadgets.


Being certified does not mean having reached a stable and definitive goal but demonstrate respect every day, in every business process, a precise organizational code that respects the individual skills and abilities. A dedicated team works so that they can be optimized to the best management protocols and everyone can feel a key element of the organization.

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